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ROCKET.NET REVIEW Review:- When it comes to choosing a web hosting for your website, blog, or any other online business, the few things that first comes to our mind are:

  1. Hosting Quality.
  2. Hosting support.
  3. Hosting speed.

And lots more.

Therefore, it is necessary to fulfill these cravings before choosing one. There are many web hosting that meets these criteria, but when it comes to over-powering your site’s performance, has been a game-changer in the industry.

This is the complete review of managed web hosting company. Therefore, if you want your site to run super fast with premium quality support, without coding & other benefits, can be a game-changer.

Table Overview - Review

Free DomainNo
Free SSLYes
SupportLive chat, email contact, phone, knowledge base
WordPress supportOne-click easy install
Average Uptime99.9%
Average Load Time588 ms
InterfaceEasy to use is a managed web hosting services company which serves its users with:

Being developed by Ben Gabler & Aaron Phillips in 2020, the company has won the hearts of users around the globe in a very little period. Its features & speed performance have attracted many big players to use them permanently over the years.

In fact, it’s been about 4 months since we started using & testing Hosting & we are proud to reveal its power. 

With over 18 heavy plugins 7 other installations, one of our sites hosted under performed over its limits.  I mean…. There was little to no change in the site speed. The results were quite impressive.

This led us to review the hosting for you. With that out of the way, let’s talk in detail about its pros and cons first. Pros & Cons



The company outperforms & the cons are easily bearable. We didn’t find any major issues with the panel too. Once you get used to it everything seems relatable. web host review Review - Homepage

This leads us to the most important step of review. Features

With a complete package of powerful stuff, comes up with a bunch of powerful features that assist you in growing your online business rather than focussing on the everyday errors.

Let’s discuss all the features in detail:

1. Easy to use dashboard:

I dont know why few people still complain about the amazing dashboard that has to provide.

Like Hostinger, has come up with a unique idea of redesigning its dashboard. It looks simple yet stunning.

You can manage everything from your rocket dashboard such as:

  1. Your domain
  2. Hosting
  3. Plans
  4. Upgrades
  5. Support
  6. Rocket updates 

etc. Dashboard Review - User Dashboard

2. One-click WordPress install:

When it comes to installing WordPress, everyone seems excited to visit their WordPress panel and make some changes. However, many hosting providers don’t do a great job in directing us towards the installation.

On the other hand, does a great job by assisting its users to install WordPress with few clicks here & there.

No coding. No fluffs. Just the short and the sweet way.

They will guide you with everything from SCRATCH. Don’t worry at all.

3. Full-time support: Support

Be it shared hosting, VPS, or any other plan, Rocket provides lifetime support once you select any of their plans.

They provide support 24/365 in the form of live chat, mail contact & knowledge base. I am so glad to tell you that after using every possible hosting, responds and solves any type of error at the best speed possible.

There is no denial in believing that support plays a major role in choosing almost any online service. In fact, we received new errors for one of our sites every day which were impossible to solve without the Rocket team support.

Their quality & blazing quick support is one of the main reasons for making it one of the best hostings.

4. Average Uptime:

To obtain the exact average uptime, we loaded one of our dummy sites (hosted on with heavy plugins (over 20) and few demo posts.

Afterward, we checked the site on one of the most reputed uptime checkers frequently to make sure that the data was the same & exact all the time.

The results were quite impressive. The company is maintaining a great uptime in all countries all the time.


Average uptime plays a great role in loading & keeping your site alive every day all the time and in all parts of the world. This is why it is given the topmost preference when it comes to choosing specific hosting.

5. Speed:

After being satisfied with the uptime, we didn’t stop. We wanted to check whether there is an impact on site speed or not.

Therefore, we decided to check the site speed of some of the best site performance tools such as GTMetrix & Pingdom.

We were astonished to see that Rocket again dominated us by keeping its promise. We were happy to such amazing results despite loading the site with heavy plugins and a heavy theme.

Here’s the result from GTMetrix:

GTMetrix SIte Checker Review - GTMetrix Test

And this is from Pingdom:

Pingdom Site Checker Review - Pingdom Test

These two tools are the most preferred ones in the market and both of them give quite accurate data according to the location.

Google also considers SPEED as one of the main ranking factors. Also, many studies revealed that an increase in site load time may decrease your organic traffic as no one wants to wait for too long in this busy world.

As we have solved the matter of speed, let us move on to the next feature…

6. Free SSL Certificate:

SSL Certificate is a necessity to make sure that your site is authentic. Also, a site without an SSL certificate is considered to be a non-trusted site and may walk your audience away.

Free SSL Certificate Review - Features

Some hosting makes it difficult to set up the SSL certificate. Some may even charge an extra amount for the same. 

But complies with our thoughts and makes it easier than ever before to set up a free SSL certificate within a matter of seconds.

There are many more untapped features that you can hover through by visiting their official website.

With that out of the way, let’s discuss some serious stuff.

7. Update Notifications:

As you may have already experienced this. Whenever any hosting company brings any major update or change to their site, sometimes we are unaware of the update & our site may temporarily break.

This may freak many people including you & me. 

In fact, when I was using another host, one of our sites went down for almost 3 hours due to the technical server upgrade by the hosting company. 

Luckily, updates its users regularly if they change/modify anything of their site.

Also, you don’t need to look for updates from the day-to-day. They will directly notify you by mentioning the update on their special update page located in the client area. I.e your Cpanel. review Review - Welcome to Rocket Host Pricing Plans

  1. Starter: 25$/month on the annual billing + 1 WordPress one-click install + bandwidth of 25,000 visits & much more.
  2. Pro: Pro plans to come up with a 50$/month with an annual billing + 3 WordPress one-click install + bandwidth of 100,000 visits & much more.
  3.  Business: Comes with an 83$/month with an annual billing + 10 WordPress one-click install + bandwidth of 250,000 visits & much more.
  4. Agency: 166$/month plan with an annual billing + 25 wordpress one-click install + bandwidth of 500,000 visits & much more.

If you are just starting as a beginner to grow & earn from your blog, Hosting Cultures recommends you start with the very basic plan i.e. STARTER PLAN.

The starter plan is the best option if you are:

  1. A beginner blogger.
  2. An affiliate marketer.

Or anyone who needs a quality web host at an affordable price.

However, if you are a business professional or anyone with a huge demand for growing your online business, you can choose other plans too.

Now, as you have reached here, we have to tell you something special. You are now fully aware of one of the best web hosts i.e. review. 

Now, you are ready to make a decision and change your life.

Start your amazing online journey with FROM HERE.


This was the definitive review . I hopefully assume that now you are ready to take a final decision & make your viewpoint of the same.

This was all up to me.

Now, I would like to hear it from you.

Did you like & it’s features?

Which feature of host did you like the most?

Let me know by leaving your viewpoint in the comments below right now.

Also, share this article with all your friends & family who are looking for perfect & affordable web hosting. 

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