9 Amazing Ways to Do Local SEO without Building Content

9 Amazing Ways to Do Local Seo without Building Content

Are you worried about How to rank your website Locally without Content? You can get local rankings without content by doing Local SEO in the right way. In this post we will be sharing the 9 Amazing Ways to Do Local SEO without Building Content

Amazing Ways to Do Local Seo without Building Content
Amazing Ways to Do Local Seo without Building Content

If you want to win the game of  local SEO (search engine optimization) , but you don’t want to produce content and depend on content marketing for it, you can do that!

There are some Amazing Ways which you can use to succeed with Local SEO. For example, you could switch your focus towards building a community and providing the best user experience on internet.

9 Amazing Ways to Do Local SEO Without Building Content :

  1. Start building a community.
  2. Use a brandable domain.
  3. Build an instinctual, responsive website.
  4. Do on-page SEO.
  5. Optimize Your Website for Mobile.
  6. Speed up your website loading time.
  7. Verify your business on Google My Business.
  8. Build Local Citations.
  9. Get Reviewed by your Customers.

To attain high local rankings try these 9 strategies .

1. Start building a community

Possibly you are good at bringing people together. You could create a forum or build your social media presence devoted to the needs of your prospective customers. With the growth of this community you can send your audience towards your offers on Website.

2. Use a brandable domain

Till few years back, everyone was building their business’ websites on domain names that were exactly matching their keywords. This Exact Match domains worked for a while, and you could have ranked those websites near the top of the search engines with not much efforts,

Nowadays, as the search engines roll out thousands of updates on a regular basis, things have changed and Exact Match Domains are no more an easy winner, brandable domains are the way to achieve higher rankings.When a brand gets created, you create a unique presence for your business online, which is  essential when you are attempting to rank locally.

3. Build an instinctual website

A Good and Responsive Website is important as it helps in building credibility for your business. Even after the availability of number of free web-builder software on the  internet, still there are plenty of local businesses with poor websites’ design and structure.

Sometimes the best way is to pay an expert to create a professional website – especially if you want to outrank your competitor with these poorer websites. Website’s Responsiveness plays an essential role to ensure that the website works on all devices.

4. Do on-page SEO

9 Amazing Ways to Do Local SEO without Building Content
Image Source: curvearro.com

To optimize your website according to search engines to give the best user experience plays an important role to get Higher rankings. Make sure that each page of your website is On Page optimized.

Under On-Page SEO things to be considered are -title, heading tags, and labeled images and much more things. Always select keywords that are appropriate to your website/business niche.

Forget about Global ranking, but instead, Focus on getting ranked locally, look at adding local place names in your website’s pages. For example, use keywords like “Veg restaurants in Ahmedabad” instead of “restaurants.”

5. Optimize Your Website for Mobile

A study from Acquisio in 2017 determines that traffic from mobile devices for local searches can be very profitable, with a significant 75% of Local searches made on mobile devices results in offline, in-store visits within 24 hours.

These days, most of the web traffic comes from mobile devices, so you must make sure that your website is mobile-friendly in addition to tablet and desktop versions.

6. Speed up your website loading time

As a Website Owner you must focus on Website’s loading time as it’s an important ranking factor  in order to get higher rankings. If your website is slow to load, users will bounce back from it quickly. There will be a negative impact on your SEO efforts because of high bounce rate.

Amazon did tests that showed they would lose $1.6 BILLION every year if they slowed down by just one second.

You can CONTACT US and We can give your website a dazzling speed.

7. Verify your business on Google My Business

You need to create a Google My Business (GMB) Listing and get yourself Google My Business verified in order to appear on Google Maps and Google Local Search Results. Once you have done this, Your business will get an extra factor to get higher rankings on Google search and on Google Maps also.

Don’t know How to Create and Verify GMB account ? Check it out here on Hubspot.

8. Build Local Citations

Citations are when your business name, phone number and address are listed on the internet. These citations help to boost your visibility on local Google search results and om Google Maps. The more number of these citations your website has the better your website should perform.

Just make sure that you are consistent with the Business name and description wording across all your listings. If you won’t be consistent with it , it may harm your Business’ overall visibility.

9. Get Reviewed by your Customers

Don’t feel awkward or tensed while asking your customers to provide feedback and give reviews about your business and it’s products or services , You must encourage your customers to publish reviews for your business. These reviews help to build trust amongst the people related to your business and so for the search engines also it’s build trust and authority.

After following these 9 Ways to Do Local SEO without Building Content, You can get your Local SEO done without building any content.

You must have learnt that you don’t need to focus much on content marketing to get local rankings. By focusing on the ways discussed above on  –

Ways to Do Local SEO without Building Content

You can compete with your competitors and get high local rankings .

Still, After following the steps, If you are unable to achieve desired results, Contact Us and we will get it done for you.

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